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29 November 2016

At the till with the smartphone: Coop starts with mobysign, the innovative mobile payment system […]
18 August 2017

E-payment, Oracle points to Mobysign strong authentication. The app lands to the USA giant marketplace […]
1 July 2016


With SPID regulation and the right app, mobile payments are safer and the Public Identity System is spreading[…]
1 April 2016

Azienda Banca

Banks compared with TPPs: new collaborations with start-ups. Opening to app economy, with the […]
1 February 2016

Mobysign awarded by the UK government has created a mobile payment app for in-store purchases and [...]
3 February 2016

Mobysign awarded by the UK-Italy Business Award. During the ceremony organized by the British Government the startup was awarded [...]
1 June 2013

Milano Finanza

The smartphone in place of cards, user authentication, secure data transfer and privacy of user information: [...]
7 March 2017

Your purchases with an app: Mobysign brings mobile payment into Coop. The mobysign app lets you [...]
6 March 2017

At the Supermarket of the Future, COOP you pay with your smartphone and MOBYSIGN app [...]

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