Zero barriers to your customers, no data to type
Logins, Payments, billing, electronic invoices and shipping in a few seconds

discover all benefits and ways Mobysign is useful for your e-commerce or app.

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Don’t torture customers with passwords

The customer registers own data on Mobysign, so the merchant will automatically receive, simplifying the web surfing, the user experience, and making the customer happy to repeat the purchase in the future. No barriers but the highest safety, without any password which would be easily intercepted. Cross merchant sign up with the user’s fingerprint or unique PIN zeroes user barriers and multiply transactions.

Don’t ask customers for typing personal or card data

Typing long data sequences is very annoying for both desktop and mobile users. With Mobysign you zero barriers to the user and ensure a cool shopping experience. Accept payments also from who does not type credit card data! You’ll automatically have data needed to complete the transaction!

Logins and payments even on the move

With Mobysign you do not need any wallets or credit cards, but just your PIN or a fingerprint. Once upon a time it was needed to type data on small screens and keyboards. Enable Mobysign, a new payment channel, designed also for mobility purchases. Easy, also on the move!

Reach your customers everywhere

With Mobysign you have a push advertising integrated with an immediate payment tool to reach your customers wherever they are. Enable new payment channels through billboards, websites, apps, flyers…

All in one, also for electronic invoicing

With Mobysign the user is moved to a simple and intuitive world, where a smart user experience facilitates all transactions can be made. Offering your customers an improved shopping experience, invites them to visit your e-commerce and app again, buy other products or services.
The user doesn’t need to register or enter a password every time but accesses all services with a single PIN or his/her fingerprint.
The merchant immediately gets shipping and billing data without obliging the customer to type them, as they are transmitted automatically in a safe way: even the electronic invoice, if required, is fully managed in a few seconds as per fiscal requirements, without any typing and dictation!

From minutes to few days to boost your e-commerce or app

Adding Mobysign is pretty simple! You can download our Plugin for Magento ( and use it in minutes or contact us to use Mobysign on any other platform, website, app in a few days.

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