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Speed up your business: payments, loyalties, bills, fiscal electronic invoices in a few seconds

don’t waste your time: don’t count change coins, zero queues at the till, no longer ask for dictating billing and shipping data

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Focus on your business

The mobile payment to reach most of users, as independent from the smartphone model, mobile carrier and customer’s bank. Make your shop a perfect machine, without wasting your time in counting coins, queues at the till, preparing paper invoicing or receipt, or going to the tables for the bills. Let Mobysign work for you, focus on your business and take the time to know better your customers!

Cut queues at tills

Choose Mobysign to speed up payment processes for a till or multi-till systems natively integrated like in supermarkets, without asking customers to type the amount on the smartphone. Issue fiscal electronic invoices without asking data to dictate and cut your cash management costs. Mobysign is already integrated with several till systems like NCR and is also available with a separate app on merchant smartphone/tablet.

Payments at restaurants in a few seconds

With Mobysign your customers ask for the bill, receive it and pay at their table, even with electronic invoices in a few seconds, if they need: no need to run table by table, especially when you have a lot of guests; if they need an invoice, this is issued automatically. Non need to ask them to dictate. Instead, take the time to know better your customers and their flavours

Integrating your till

By integrating Mobysign with your tills, you will have all of your customer information you need for every transaction. Mobysign is already integrated with NCR systems or is also available with a separate app on merchant smartphone/tablet.

Cut management costs

With Mobysign you lower management costs of your point of sale. Mobysign does not require you to buy or rent expensive hardware. Just a tablet/smartphone or integration with your till.

The cross merchant mobile payment tailored to your business

Mobysign works on any mobile and desktop device, no matter which smartphone model and customer bank are, with no need for the merchant to buy expensive hardware.
Moreover, Mobysign performs all transactions whatever bank the merchant has, by providing the merchant with all information needed to:

  • deliver goods
  • bill and e-invoice
  • receive customer data needed

Mobysign is neutral to the use of different payments methods as credit/debit cards, PSD2 instant payment, giftcards, loyalties or privative payments methods, enabled by the merchant and chosen by the consumer.
The user can show the payment barcode/loyalty on the smartphone or scan the QRcode at the till to start the transaction.

Choose the best way for your business

Keep your business up to date with mobile payment adoption. You can choose how to make your customers start the payment:

  • the merchant reads the barcode from the customer’s phone
  • from the customer’s phone the merchant reads its specific barcode integrated with loyalty
  • the user scans a QRcode at the restaurant till or table
  • dialing the phone number
  • the user gives his/her ID in phone reservations (ideal for restaurants, bars, etc …)

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