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forget about passwords, wallets, keys, paper and pen for all affiliate services.
Finally free, simply safe. What are you waiting for?

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All devices, payments and logins in one aapp

With Mobysign your digital world of your accounts, apps, services and payments is finally easy and intuitive, available to any online device, with your fingerprint or a single PIN on your smartphone.
You, no one else!

Safe payments in points of sale and online

You can pay without transmitting your card data on the net and to merchants.  Easy to send shipping and billing information automatically. Online and at points of sale. Also with more personal and business profiles and more payment methods. Need an invoice? No data to dictate to the shop keeper or to type online! When online and at points of sale, just pay with your fingerprint or a unique PIN for all of your cards and payment methods. At restaurants ask for the bill in a click and just pay directly at your table, without any queue at the till. Bring all your loyalty cards into your app, always with you, even those you already have as plastic cards.

Choose your fingerprint or one PIN

During the registration, choose your fingerprint or a unique PIN you can remember. Your PIN or fingerprint on your smartphone/tablet for your logins, payments and documents to sign.

Payments in a few seconds

Mobysign makes you:

  • connect credit/debit cards no matter which bank you have
  • connect the current account with our partner banks
  • use the fingerprint or choose one PIN for all payment methods
  • have all your loyalty cards always available on the app
  • not to dictate your data to the cashier, even from your first payment
  • not to type your personal data online
  • not to waste time typing shipping and billing data

One way to pay online and at points of sale

The smartphone can be used:

  • alone: by touching a clickable QRcode or Mobysign pay-button to authorize a payment or transaction
  • to support any further online device such as the PC, by scanning -via Mobysign app- QRcodes and barcodes that appear on the other screen
  • at the till of the point of sale: by scanning the fixed QRcode at the till or showing the cross merchant Mobysign barcode or a specific loyalty barcode from Mobysign app
  • at the ATM to withdraw cash
  • by reading – via Mobysign app – the QRcode or barcode printed on a paper bill

Log in to websites and apps on any device

With Mobysign you can forget about your password and username. You can also say goodbye to the keys generating codes and SMS with texts to copy and paste.

With Mobysign you are safely logged in in a few seconds and, even in mobility, everything is intuitive and simple with the automatic switch between Mobysign app and your website or app.

No need to copy any code, simply choose a PIN or register your fingerprint.

Personal or professional data? Stop dictating at tills and typing on the web

Every time you provide your data, your privacy may be violated. Really need to say your data at the till or online? With Mobysign just information needed is automatically provided to the merchant only. And how about time you waste giving data?

Just finished your meal at the restaurant or buying anything at a point of sale for your job? Don’t waste your time … if you also have a business meeting in a few minutes and need the invoice for fiscal reasons, pay by Mobysign with your business profile to receive your e-invoice on the smartphone. Also your accountant or company management will receive it. Even the first time at that business.

Buying online and need shipping? Don’t waste your time, pay with Mobysign by choosing one of your profiles, complete with address, payment method … a different one? No problem, use one shot function.

Buying online for your job and need an e-invoice? Simple … choose your professional profile to pay!

A few seconds for a payment complete of billing, shipping and e-invoicing: just a fingerprint or a unique PIN.

Everything made simple for your company expenses: everything you pay is automatically registered for you: less work during the weekend to create notes for company expenses! Save your time for your friends, family, and business! More profiles, but it’s always you!

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