Plug-in for eCommerce Storeden websites now available

Plug-in for eCommerce Storeden websites now available

Mobysign is now available for all eCommerce websites using Storeden solutions. A simple, secure and PSD2 compliant answer to facilitate payment and reduce frictions at the checkout.

Mobysign enables payments in a simple way, avoiding copying codes and typing credit card data, now also on eCommerce websites created with the Storeden platform ( A gesture from your smartphone to pay, both for purchases from your PC and from the phone itself. Free for consumers, convenient for merchants, safe for everyone!

Among the most obvious advantages:

  • zeroing of barriers to end customers: no data to type
  • increase in sales
  • acceptance of credit cards of most circuits
  • smart shopping experience
  • no typing of data and credit card numbers

Typing data sequences is very boring for the user from both desktop and mobile. Thanks to Mobysign, you can accept payments even from customers who do not want to enter their card details online.

Payments even on the go

With Mobysign, your customers don’t need to have wallets or credit cards with them, but just a PIN or a fingerprint. Stop typing passwords, card numbers and data on smartphone small dimensions screens and keyboards! With Mobysign you enable a new payment channel, also designed for mobile purchases. All it’s easy, even on the move!

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