Oracle-Mobysign Worldwide Partnership to Deliver Strong Customer Authentication and Mobile Payment at the State of the Art

Oracle-Mobysign Worldwide Partnership to Deliver Strong Customer Authentication and Mobile Payment at the State of the Art

20th of July 2017

Oracle adds Mobysign ( technology to their cloud based Digital Innovation Platform to accelerate financial operators and help them to face challenges of their sector. Already a partner of Oracle in Italy and Europe, Mobysign is among the first global partners on the Oracle’s Digital Innovation Platform. Mobysign functionality is available on Oracle’s cloud platform and present on Oracle Marketplace (

Because of the market demands for innovative solutions to fit regulatory environment changes, security requirements and intuitive user experience needs, more and more mobile, Oracle is leveraging its partners to deliver Platform-as-a-Service solutions to enterprise customers. The solidity of the technology and the plug and play approach provided by Oracle Platform and Mobysign make the combined solution the State of the Art of Strong Customer Authentication and Mobile Payment. The combined offering is accessible through open APIs on Oracle’s Digital Innovation Platform: customers have the freedom to select the specific services they need.

Oracle’s digital innovation platform enables financial institutions to enter innovation at the state of the art in a few weeks instead of years. Banks, instead of developing internally, can integrate ready and stable Oracle’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service cloud offerings and focus on their competitive business, by choosing and integrating solid functionalities to follow their business plans, by deleting risks of new solutions and projects.

Mobysign is patented in all Europe and USA; its Strong Customer Authentication fulfills all aspects also related to the compliance with PSD2 regulation in Europe, but without limiting to that. Mobysign Strong Customer Authentication enables banks with a safe and easy user experience: just the user’s fingerprint or a single PIN from his/her smartphone to perform authentications, payments and logins on any device for home and mobile banking. The solution for banks can be used also to make them authenticate users when they access their bank accounts through third parties, but without any transmission of credentials or sensitive data to or from the third parties. Mobysign also authenticates payments via credit card scheme with issuers.

In general Mobysign allows users to authenticate without passwords and physical tokens, but just using their smartphone, no matter on which device the operation starts from. The same smartphone or something else.

The mobile wallet and the authentication functionality, both embedded in Mobysign app, can be used just for banking or also for merchant services in a specific acceptance circuit relevant to the bank adopting Mobysign or in a cross circuit of banks and merchants (see Mobysign movie ): it depends on the configuration requested by each participant entity.

The user can be authenticated with just a fingerprint or a unique PIN for all services of the acceptance circuit, with the highest security level to log in, pay, sign documents, withdraw cash … in any case it is every participant entity to authenticate its users, and not a central hub for them, so every entity has its own policies and keeps the ownership of its customers. For payments Mobysign can be used for merchant apps and ecommerce websites or in points of sale, with one or more tills.

Antonio Bonsignore, Mobysign CEO, says “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Oracle for the Digital Innovation Platform at the global level. The marketplace we have built together is rich of the best vertical solutions and is the State of the Art of worldwide innovation in the financial sector. The possibility to choose and integrate solutions as plug and play functions on a systemic platform reduces costs and project time to quickly react in the fast and competitive sector of financial services”.

The Oracle Cloud delivers services in about 200 countries; Oracle Digital Innovation Platform was recently presented in New York, London and soon will be in Singapore, complete with Mobysign functions.

Mobysign offices are located in the UK and Italy. Mobysign service configuration open to the cross circuit of banks and merchants has also been adopted by important supermarket chains, with the creation of an acceptance circuit convenient also for banks. Mobysign cooperates with institutions in the field of digital identity and payments and is moving forward with its growth plans. The worldwide agreement with Oracle is an important milestone on this path.

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