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November 29, 2016

Coop and Mobysign together to pay via smartphone. Thanks to the agreement between Coop Liguria and Mobysign it will be […] Read more
November 30, 2016

In Coop you can pay with the smartphone. At Forum Retail of Milan Coop Liguria has launched […] Read more
November 30, 2016

Paying your purchase with mobile payments: Have You Ever tried? A comfort in the Third Millennium? Shopping at the supermarket […] Read more
November 30, 2016

With the smartphone you can pay your purchases in Coop’s supermarkets. The first sales point that will launch the initiative will be [...]
December 3, 2016

Thanks to mobysign, purchases in Coop will be paid with the smartphone. Smart buying initiative in Coop […]
December 13, 2016

Go shopping is easier thanks to the collaboration between Coop Liguria and Mobysign. Giovanni Clavarino, organization manager [...]
December 30, 2016

Payments at tills with smartphone in Coop Liguria supermarkets, the first shopping mall to use the app [...]
February 28, 2017

At the Supermarket of the Future COOP, you can pay with your smartphone and MOBYSIGN mobile payment from today […] Read more
March 1, 2017

At Coop's Future Supermarket you can pay with your smartphone. Mobile payment technology makes its entrance [...]