Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Dear Customer,
for reasons connected with the provision of the service, Mobysign Limited (hereinafter referred to as Mobysign) with its registered office in Parker House, Stafford Road, Wallington Surrey-SM69AA, Great Britain, processes the data supplied by you under the laws of Great Britain and in particular the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”), and within the European Union, the 2016/679 EU Regulation, known as GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and in accordance with the local laws of your country.

Data Controller

Mobysign is the owner of the processing of your personal data, which deals with extreme care and transparency towards you, protecting your privacy, the full respect of your rights and ensuring that your personal data are processed in compliance with the regulations referred above. The processing concerns any operation of registration, research, organization, archiving, consultation, use, correlation, blocking, communication, deletion and destruction of data, and their possible dissemination, subject to your explicit consent.

Data processed

The personal data you provide may be limited to the email address only; depending on the services you want to use, you can be requested to provide additional data. You will have the right to supply them or not. The data may relate to you as a physical/legal person and/or an entity, association, administration, company, private or public for which you work. Browsing data in anonymous form on the website may be collected by third parties, such as Google Adwords services, which we may use, if necessary, to better understand in statistical form the use of our services by users. All data processed by us are available to the competent institutions, in compliance with current obligations.

Data required

The user of the Mobysign app can, at every request that is always explicit, provide personal data. The absence of data necessary for the single operation causes the unavailability of the relevant service. The minimum data required for using the Mobysign services is your email address.

Purpose of the treatment

Depending on the subset of data that you want to provide in your profiles set with the Mobysign app and at the link, you will be able to use the corresponding Mobysign services usable with the types of data provided (payments, login, signatures of documents, provisions, invoices, shipments, cash withdrawals). The data that you can provide to the link contacts and support of the same site will be used to answer your corresponding request. You can also receive promotional information about Mobysign and in compliance with the legal obligations on our service.

Duration of treatment

The data will be processed for as long as necessary to carry out the existing relationship; in case of termination, the data may be kept in an encrypted form for the period of law in which you will be able to contest any payments you have made with Mobysign. When this period expires, they will be deleted from the server.


The information on Cookies is present at the following link
For the installation of technical cookies the prior consent of users is not required, but it is necessary to provide the information that Mobysign publishes to the link above. The user, as required by law, is adequately informed about the use of profiling cookies and expressing their consent.

Social Media

The site offers access to various “Social Media” services, whose privacy policies are published on the related sites and the related treatments on the information provided by the user are independent from Mobysign. 

Method of treatment

Personal data will be processed electronically through the relevant databases to which the operators appointed by the Data Controller will be able to access the processing of personal data, for any interactive or automatic operation in compliance with the provisions of the law regarding security, confidentiality and correctness of the data, according to the stated purposes. 

Types of data collected

The data are provided directly by you. The minimal personal data requested is your email address. You can also choose whether to provide your mobile phone number as an identifier or to receive a virtual phone number. Some partner services that display the Mobysign logo that you can use, require you to choose your mobile number. In this case, you can reconfigure the app to change your choice and use the partner’s services. For shipping, invoicing and digital identity services, identification data (company name, name and surname, legal and shipping address, physical code) can be requested. The services of our partners allow the user to use the Mobysign app, sometimes requesting further registrations through the same app. These records require data provided to the user directly by our partners. The data of each registration are segregated and confined to the services of the corresponding commercial partner. Among our services, some that are optional and related to credit/debit card payments explicitly require you to provide your card details. The card data is processed and stored according to the PCI standard for which Mobysign is certified.

Reasons for the provision of data

The requested data are necessary for the execution of the services requested by the user; therefore any refusal to provide data will make it impossible to start the services themselves.

Data dissemination

Your data will be used exclusively in relation to the purpose of carrying out the services requested and the sending of promotional material directly from Mobysign and the partners who provide  – each service recognizable with the Mobysign logo –  that you have actually used. Each partner will have access to the useful data limited and exclusively in relation to the execution of its services, after your confirmation by electronic signature on the data with the Mobysign app, when you confirm to perform an operation with the specific partner. Such data may be communicated to external suppliers for the execution of the same services, which will process your data in compliance with the above-mentioned regulations. They may also be provided to public bodies, competent authorities and regulatory bodies in fulfillment of regulatory obligations, to law firms for the protection of contractual rights. The list of any External Managers is available by contacting the Data Processor at the Company’s headquarters. It is our right to use certified acquirers to operate on national/international payment circuits and banks to process and store card details in our place in full compliance with the law and the PCI standard. Through your confirmation and strong authentication on your Mobysign app you will be able to let us transmit, server side, your card details or other means of payment that you will have previously registered through Mobysign; this transmission will be performed without having to re-enter the card or payment method or show/send any card to merchants; the data will be sent (after your strong authentication through the Mobysign app) from our server to the server of the acquirer or bank or payment institution without sending the card data to the merchants for your further security; Registered card or payment method data will be usable in e-commerce websites and stores that display Mobysign logo and allow the type of cards or means of payment that you have registered. For e-commerce websites, home-mobile banking websites, generic websites, commercial establishments, ATMs and any service where the Mobysign logo is shown (as present on, you will be able to use Mobysign as your explicit choice.
Your validated email addresses with the appropriate procedure on Mobysign and any additional data that you have entered on the Mobysign app also for creating your profiles can be sent to the websites or merchant systems that show the Mobysign logo, if strictly necessary for execution of their services integrated with Mobysign, under your explicit confirmation that you are requested to perform for each specific operation you whish to perform via Mobysign, such as login, payment, signing documents, shipping and billing. That will allow you not to type this data every time, but to transmit it to run the service. The data transferred from time to time will be those strictly necessary for the registration of the specific service, if you do not use the Mobysign app for the registration itself; the data necessary for each web service can be found on the web service itself. No sensitive data will be sent in respect of your payment methods to the commercial services affiliated with the Mobysign logo, with the exception of the use of gift cards or electronic pouches issued through Mobysign on behalf of the affiliated merchants. Your explicit confirmation to the transfer of such data is operated with the Mobysign app through electronic signature on the data of the single operation; with this confirmation, you expressly agree to transmit such data to the partner Mobysign of which you are requesting the service.

Interested Rights

Please also note that you have the right to prohibit, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of data and, according to the procedures and within the limits of the current legislation, to request confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning you and know their origin, to receive communications, obtain information about the logic, the methods of processing and the purpose, to request updating, rectification, integration, to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the block data processed in violation of the law, including those data no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, as well as, more generally, exercise all the rights that are recognized by the current provisions of law. You can therefore exercise your rights under the law by writing to also in order to unsubscribe from the newsletter and remove the presence of your data in the newsletter services. To ask us to proceed like this, you will have to send us the aforementioned email from the address to be removedYou may exercise the right to cancel the registration of the app services at the following link
You may object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of such data within the limits and under the statutory conditions by contacting Mobysign Limited with offices in Parker House, Stafford Road, Wallington Surrey-SM69AA, Great Britain or by sending an email to
Further information can be requested from the Data Processor, in the figure of Mr. Antonio Bonsignore, Director of Mobysign, at the company’s headquarters. The acknowledgment of this communication represents an express consent to the processing of your personal data according to the law.

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