Mobysign: a free app instead of wallet and thousands of passwords

Choose a unique PIN or fingerprint from your smartphone to sign, pay and log in.
On websites and apps of any device around you, in points of sale and affiliated services.

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Finally free

Cards to bring, their PINs, codes to copy, personal data, billing and shipping information to type or dictate at tills! Free your mind! Take your freedom back!

Always protected

All circuits’protections, no card in terminals or hands of others. The app neither stores passwords, card numbers, their parts, personal data, unique PIN nor fingerprints on the mobile, nor transmits them when you pay, log in, sign. It never has¬†all card data even when you register. The highest security patented, PSD2 compliant

How it works


Digitally… you

Where you find Mobysign logo on websites/apps from PC, smartphone, tablet, at tills, on labels and tags… neither data, amount to type, nor merchant to set. Take it easy: a popup appears on your smartphone; just match its data and confirm! Your digital world around you simply in your hands!

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