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27 January 2016

mobysign awarded with the UK-Italy Business Awards among companies important for Italy-UK cooperation [...]
20 November 2017

Corriere della Sera

Who will win IBAN battle? From smartphone, payments and post: a finger is enough [...]
14 November 2017

Bluerating interviews Mobysign

Bonsignore (Mobysign): "Paying with smartphones is now easy and fast". Mobysign's CEO talks to about the features of the app [...]
12 November 2017


Bank of America with Oracle point to the Italian app Mobysign. A hackathon organized in Charlotte, North Carolina-USA by Oracle [...]
4 November 2017


Oracle with Bank of America points to the Italian app Mobysign. A hackathon will take place in Charlotte North Carolina [...]
4 November 2017


Oracle and Bank of America choose the Italian app Mobysign. In Italy, Mobysign has already been adopted for payment [...]
4 November 2017

la mia finanza

Oracle and Bank of America point to the Italian Mobysign app. On the 4th-5th of November in Charlotte North Carolina [...]
29 November 2016

At the till with the smartphone: Coop starts with mobysign, the innovative mobile payment system […]
18 August 2017

E-payment, Oracle points to Mobysign strong authentication. The app lands to the USA giant marketplace […]

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