Brands which have chosen mobysign

mobysign collaborates with customers of different sectors such as supermarket chains, points of sale, restaurants, online merchants, banks and many more. Here are some citable cases. Are you interested in getting more information?


Coop Liguria

On September 30th Mobysign roll-out was completed in all 43 supermarkets and hypermarkets of Coop Liguria, present in Liguria and some stores in Piedmont: Mobysign is active in all tills, both with the operator and automatic ones, being able to go out alone with the phone and spend as if you had the wallet.
Mobysign is not tied to a specific carrier, a specific bank, a specific device type.
An app that can provide the highest levels of security, an easy and intuitive user experience not only for millenials, with the ability to use the tool in circular terms with other operators and services, not only for payments to the supermarket but also on ecommerce sites and to log in to websites.

Coop Lombardia chose MOBYSIGN Mobile Payment

The first supermarket activated by Coop Lombardia is the Supermarket of the Future where you can pay with the smartphone with Mobysign App. The other points of sale are being enabled.
Mobile payment Mobysign is not dependent on any specific merchant, telephone carrier, bank, device type, payment circuit, but has the possibility to be used as a common tool with different operators and services, for both supermarket payments, ecommerce shops and apps, to login to websites and apps.
Mobysign has been integrated in a few days and is already in use with an increasing number of customers.
Mobysign allows users to go out home only with their mobile phone and be able to spend as if they had the wallet, forgetting about PINs of the different cards.

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